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The corporate social responsibility is a philosophy for the relation of the business towards society. Our concept is to integrate awareness for protection of the environment, as well as support for the Bulgarian education and culture, and social initiatives.

All the activity in regard to CSR (corporate social responsibility) reflects in the responsibility of the employees towards the environment and the affected parties, as well as our participation in important social projects and charity. The whole activity upon CSR completes company goals regarding the productivity, as well as the sustainment and increase of qualification of the employees in the company. Further, we are concerned with the aspects of human resources – increase of the motivation of the employees and teams’ formation, further improving the microclimate of the company.

Regardless of the unstable economic conditions, the company always tries to ensure pleasant work environment and the formation of effective teams. In addition, we are trying to accomplish a balance between work responsibilities and personal affairs of the employees in the attempt to increase the rate of positive results.