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Eurolease Taxi is a taxi service company, established in 2009.

Our goals are to provide quality services, fully corresponding to the wishes of our clients, drivers, who are up to the law requirements for taxi cab drivers, which will guarantee a safe and responsible ride for our customers. 

The company has at its disposal own Cab Park, which includes new vehicles, equipped with GPS systems, specialized for taxi cabs.

As our customers we have many corporations, embassies and consulates in the whole country.

With Eurolease Taxi, you arrive comfortably and safe!


    The corporate social responsibility is a philosophy for the relation of the business towards society. Our concept is to integrate awareness for protection of the environment, as well as support for the Bulgarian education and culture, and social initiatives.


    Eurolease Taxi is a company, which hires drivers on a contract. The cabs are owned by the company, so their safety and maintenance are with greater quality.The hiring of new employees happens only after a careful selection of the personal qualities of the candidates


    Primitive prototype taxis have appeared in London in 1636 and in Paris several years later. The first motorized cabs - FIAKRI (fr.fiacre) appeared in France in 1890 but had little success. They were not affordable for the poor and the rich had their own vehicles.

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  • Presentataion

    Eurolease Taxi was established in 2009 with main activity taxi services. The company is the latest company in the group Eurohold Bulgaria, parts of which are Euroins Insurance Group Auto Union Group and Eurolease Group.

  • JOKE

    In a cab there were the American, the Russian and Bai Ganio. At a sharp turn the taxi flies of the road and fall into an abyss. While the car flies down, the American is praying, the Russian is cursing, while Bai Ganio yells: “Hey Driver, turn of the taximeter!”