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We the sense of great respect we are thanking our partners. Without our interaction with them, our business would have been unthinkable. Through established partnerships over the years in a spirit of mutual understanding, respect and customer care, today our customers can rely on excellent service.

We would strongly recommend our partners:


Auto Italia

Auto Italia Ltd. is the official importer for Bulgaria of Fiat, Fiat Professional and Lancia.


Bulvaria Rent a Car Ltd. has the license of Avis Europe Bulgaria. In 2005 Bulvaria Rent A Car has become part of Auto Union Company. Other companies within the holding are the official importer for Bulgaria of Fiat & Lancia (Auto Italia), Mazda (Star Motors), Alfa Romeo, Piaggio, Gilera & Vespa (Milano Motors), Opel & Chevrolet (Bulvaria), Maserati (Gransport Auto) and Motobul - distributor of Castrol motor oil and BP.


Budget combines the strength of one of the biggest names in the car rental with knowledge of the locals, flexibility and a great value for the service that you need. Founded in 1958, Budget brand is licensed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as Zodiac Europe Ltd. (A subsidiary of AVIS Europe Plc). Budget locations are either directly owned or franchised.


Eurohold is a leading Bulgarian company operating in the Balkans and focused in providing non-banking financial services, asset management, overall insurance, leasing and sale of new cars. Successful integration of these complementary activities help create sustainable and profitable sales channels and leads to the realization of significant financial and operational synergies.

Eurolease Auto

Eurolease Auto leasing is a division of the group of Eurohold Bulgaria. The company was founded in 2004 and is part of the lease subholding Eurolease Group. Eurolease Auto specializes in leasing cars.

Eurolease Auto

Insurance company Euroins AD is one of the first insurance companies in Bulgaria licensed for life insurance under the new insurance law of 1998 - permission to carry on insurance business № 8 since 15.06.1998 issued by the National Council of Insurance in MS Bulgaria.
The company&s business model is focused on offering bundled insurance products covering a wide range of risks and providing comprehensive insurance services to customers. The portfolio of insurance company Euroins AD covers over 40 insurance products covering 18 types of insurance from a total of 18 authorized insurance companies.